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The narratives presented here were all written by people who, in one way or another, were (and continue to be) affected by their encounters with medicine in South Wales (especially Cardiff). The narratives they have written were either completed during a series of creative writing workshops (or quickly thereafter) or were written for the project outside of these workshops. None of those who have written are professional writers: although that in no way diminishes the power of the stories they tell. The narratives are written in various styles and employ different genres. You will find both fiction and non-fiction; letters, diary entries, memoirs, imaginative prose and poetry. These differences reflect the preferences of the writers themselves, who were asked to write in whatever format and at whatever length they wished. The only defining criteria for the narratives (set by the Project Team) was that the narratives should, in some way, reflect upon the writer’s experience of the medical encounter, preferably within the geography of medical locations.

The writers (our participants) gave the Team permission to use their narratives on this website, in public lectures and other events and in academic publications. We have changed the names of the writers to protect their anonymity. There are 15 narratives which can be read in their entirety on this website. Other narratives were collected by the Team during the project, but no permission was given to use them online.